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Cross Country Moves & How to adjust FAST !!

7-Factors Expats must consider before their move!!

As an experienced HR professional in general, a wellbeing passionate in particular & some one who has moved countries, I talk more from experience than literature. If expats can educate themselves on some easy tips & tricks for making cross country moves, they can very well adjust soonest in the country of move. Some of the tips & tricks, outlined below extend to the entire family (specially the wife) for easy settling. Although I may sound sexist, but some one, once told me, "If the wife can adjust in the new country of move, the whole family can adjust"...

1. Look & See Visits: Pre-look & see visits for a few days are a must for navigating the new place, finalizing schools (if you have kids), apartment/houses, domestic staff (if possible) & finalizing modes of transportation before the move is made. Generally a good rule of thumb is, if both the parents work, one of the parent's workplace should be closer to the house so in case of any emergency at home, it's easier to be home. Having the children's school near to the house is also a good consideration.

2. Finding a Mentor & a Buddy: Both roles offer different value. Its important to understand, what each has to offer. While, "Mentor" can hep you with your work at work, "Buddy" is some one who can genuinely help you adjust & make lasting friendships at work by offering advice & guidance. As a matter of fact, once the peace at office is established, its easier to find balance on the personal front which is what is offered by the community, one is part of.

3. Integration in the Community: I can not emphasize the importance of integrating in the community enough, whether local/national or your own. This can be done through social media websites & by joining face book groups, whatsapp chats or by offline/F2F means/meet-ups. Although it's almost always easier to find one's own community members quickly then finding acquaintances in the local community, but eventually integrating in the local community also broadens ones horizon by letting one explore, navigate & experiment with a group of locals, which helps with overall wellbeing & easy adjustment in the culture.

4. Learning the Language: If the country of move is a non-English speaking country, it's wise to learn the Language. It does get a lot easier if one knows the Language or otherwise be ready to struggle with that vendor in the market or while you open a bank account or while you are waiting for your turn in a hospital. Issues of miscommunication can be sorted better if one knows the Language.

5. Pick a hobby with the Locals: When you bond with the local community members over a hobby, those bonds are more long lasting & much more meaningful. At the end of the day, its a win-win for both so why not?

6. Finding a Job: Its good, if both the spouses are working, but if not, the other spouse can try to find meaningful work once part of the system & adjusted. Being busy with productive, meaningful work adds to positive wellbeing.

7. Becoming part of Industry Associations/Networks: To stay connected with the industry practices & professionals, becoming affiliated with Industry Associations can be super helpful. These places are where one makes meaningful relationships related to work & can help with one's career advancement.

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