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International Women’s Day 2022

Join me today, on #InternationalWomensDay this coming Tuesday, March 08 and every day to #BreakTheBias so our daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and all women around the world can get and FEEL included, a world where their individual differences are celebrated without any #bias, cherished and nurtured for all future generations to come. All of us have a role to play and a responsibility for #GenderParity, #GenderEquity & #inclusion for women and all people. This international women’s day, I pledge to continue to be vocal on gender and racial equality and pay parity and to work hard on being the best role model, I can be, for my colleagues (male and female alike), our two sons, my dear friends and family. Remember equity and equality begins at home!! #IWD #internationalwomensday #breakthebias

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